We help our clients with their SEO, AdWords and digital marketing strategies. What does that mean? It

means we can help their search rankings in Google, gather more leads by implementing ads on search

engines, and utilize content marketing to aide in their digital marketing strategy. Woah!!! You are probably

confused right now and are asking “what does this all mean? Hold your horses we are going to explain

what this all means right now. First off, Acadia finds your voice by figuring out who you are so that we can

come along side your buisness, partner with you, and create a strategic digital marketing strategy. From

here we implement these strategies through SEO, web design,  videography, copywriting, and

photography. By using our strategies in your digital marketing it can help increase your website traffic and


“By using our strategies in your digital marketing it can help increase your website traffic and revenue. “

Not only are we going to provide and implement custom digital marketing strategies to your online efforts

we are going to monitor all of your SEO and AdWords campaigns as well. We believe our clients have a

business to run not the other way around. When we partner with you we take on your business as our

own. That means we are rooting for you and we want our clients to be the best in their particular field.

We are going to measure, analyze, and test these digital marketing strategies until they are producing

desired outcomes for our clients.

So what are the steps involved in SEO? After the digital marketing strategy is complete we then follow

up with a SEO audit. This is where we go through your entire website and use metrics, analysis,

software, and best practices to show you what you are doing well and what you need to work on. From

here we take all these SEO strategies and start to implement them through monthly SEO maintenance.

With our monthly SEO maintenance we sit down with our clients go over what has been going well and

what we will be working on that particular month. So with this fairly new way of digital marketing it is so

important to be ranking on google in order for people to find your business and eventually

buy from you.

What’s included:

  • Kickoff Meeting

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • SEO Audit

  • Monthly On-Going SEO Meetings


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Acadia is a digital marketing agency based in Maine.