Jonathan Gilbert

How to Compress Video for SEO

How to Compress Video for SEO

Compression can be a nerdy undertaking for those who don’t understand it.

Kbps, Multi-pass filters, I-frame, B-frames, P-frames, what does this all mean?

Well that’s why we decided to write a blog post about this topic. A lot of

people will merely upload a video to their site expecting that all is well or

upload the video to a video streaming service like Youtube and think they are


What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO has rapidly become one of the most important strategies in digital

marketing today. Not only that but SEO is one of the most profitable ways to

get ROI through your website. With custom strategies, Acadia can provide

your business with the tools and strategies to enhance your company’s

Search Engine Optimization positioning.

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