What is Content Marketing?

Marketing can sometimes feel like a big, mysterious, vague universe that

utilizes confusing terms like digital marketing, content marketing, inbound

lead generation, etc. What does this all mean? To make that universe a little

less confusing and ambiguous we are going to talk about Content Marketing

and specifically what it is, why it is so profound and it’s effect on digital


Content Marketing is the meat and potatoes of your website. It’s the copy,

video, and photos that fill in your website. Basically, without these items you

wouldn’t have a website. This is the “stuff” that  keeps bringing visitors to your

site. With great, relevant, informative content, your website can thrive with the

buzzing of traffic visiting your site to get the newest, latest, and greatest

information. What people don’t realize when creating their website is how

important it is to have amazing content. A lot of people think “Well, if I just

create a website that has some photos I took with my cell phone back in 2003

and write a paragraph about my company that will be fine, right?” WRONG!

Your website is your calling card. A lot of times it’s the first impression people

get out of your brand. So why would you want that impression to be a half

hazard one?

What is Content Marketing? It’s photos, videos, and copy that have a purpose

and are relevant to your visitor. Remember when you are creating your

website that it’s not for you, it’s for your audience. It’s for the person searching

on Google trying to get relevant information about your particular field. That is

your audience. Cater to that audience.

Content Marketing is profound because it has such an effect on your

audience. A video for instance is an amazing way for a visitor to have an

emotional connection with your brand before even meeting you. Professional

photos can help bring a feeling of trust and great copy can provide

information that your audience is looking for. I can’t stress starting with videos

enough. VIDEO WORKS! It is the future. It’s no longer just copy on your

websites that will help you rank in Google, but it is people watching videos on

your site, getting informative information that is relevant to them and their

searches that will help you rank better. You need to cater to this in your digital

marketing efforts. Remember, it’s better to give than to receive. Take the time,

and give out information on your site. Let it be a hub for individuals who are in

your industry or interested in your industry to gather and get up to date

articles, how-tos, and tutorials. 

Which leads us to our next piece of Content Marketing- copy. Copy we all

know is one of the ways Google ranks you and it’s the easiest way to help

optimize your SEO (search engine optimization). There are many tried and

true methods to rank but blogging can be a great way to add more content

and copy to your site and it is so great for people who are trying to give back

to the customer base and visitors. In my opinion, this is what I think is the

future of SEO. 

Last but not least is photos. Having killer photos on your site will not only

build trust but will also give the customers a brand experience. It is much

more than just copy, content, branding, or marketing. It goes deeper than

that. It is human. It is the emotional connection people have with your brand.

It’s how your brand makes them feel. So in regards to photos, you want them

to reflect the way you desire somebody who comes in contact with your

brand to feel. 

Content is King! You’ve heard that before. But it should be rephrased to

“HAVING GREAT CONTENT IS KING.” What good is content that is

uninformative, doesn’t communicate what you do, and isn’t relevant to your


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