4 Basic SEO Tactics

We meet with a lot of different clients with different needs in digital

marketing. Each outlook on their SEO strategy is different in how it works

for their brand. So with every client there is a new set of challenges

and every client’s needs are different. But we are going to be sharing to 4

core SEO elements that is something for everybody to be utilizing and

thinking about. Some of these tips you may already know but for those of

you who don’t, these are the elementary SEO strategies that all SEO

strategies have used at some point.

H1 Tags

One of the most basic and easiest way to influence your SEO efforts is

the H1 tag. This tag is located in the body of your code and this small put

important element tells the world wide web what the title of your page is.

Why is this important? Well if you think of it, titles are a pretty important

piece to your website. Without them how would anybody know what

page they were on? A lot of web platforms such as Wordpress and

Squarespace will allow users to edit the title of each page. And if

somebody is using SEOYoast on Wordpress this takes out all the guess

work of titles and other SEO elements that should be edited.

Check out SEOYoast here.

Meta Description 

A meta description is a small excerpt on the Google SERP that tells the

user what the page contains. This help users find the right information

while also giving them a little snippet of the subject of the content. Your

meta description should be about 150 characters for best practices.

Keep it relevant, full of information (as best as you can do in 150

characters) and don’t stuff your keywords in them. 


URL structure is a great way to enhance your SEO as well keeping your

site organized. Essentially, the general rule of thumb for URL structure is

yourdomain.com/category/subcategory. This is a well organized way to

optimize your URLs for SEO. 


Great content is king as we say here at Acadia. We believe there is no

substitute for this. Great content keeps users coming back and helps

with the “brand experience” your visitors are experiencing while coming

to your site. We believe great content is one of the firm foundations of

SEO and you should always be creating the best content that you

possibly can.For more information please visit our blog post on Content

Marketing. That means having great videos, photos, and copy on your

site. Don’t skimp on this very important piece of SEO! 

There you have it 4 easy ways to increase your SEO on your website, now

it’s time to get to work!


Acadia is a digital marketing agency based in Maine.