What reflects your culture to a potential customer more than your website? Really a website is an

opportunity and shouldn’t be considered a burden to show off the uniqueness and diversity that is your

brand. Acadia can help you get the most out of your web endeavors by designing and coding websites that

are secure, designed elegantly, and provide you with SEO optimized web design. We use the latest trends

and technology, to not only make your website operate at an optimum level but also use this tech to

design beautiful websites that will “wow” your clientele.

“What reflects your culture to a potential customer more than your website?”

From backend UX to front end UI Acadia has you covered. We handle it all while our clients can work on

their business and not spending countless hours working on their website. Using Wordpress and

Squarespace platforms we can work with clientele on any budget and provide them with the cutting edge

technology to get the most out of their websites.

“Coupled with our content marketing we make your website stand out and make it a fully immersive experience for all those using it.”

UX/UI : The whole enchilada from backend to front end design Acadia can handle any task with the

upmost competence and expertise.

  • UX Development

  • UI Development

Content Marketing: Videography, copywriting, photography it can be a daunting task to create and

gather all of this content that is why we offer our clients Content Marketing in order to take the pressure

off our clients so they can do what they do best and we can do what we do best and that is creating the

best content available.

  • Photography

  • Copy

  • Videography

  • Brand Films

  • Commercials

SEO Optimized: We are not just a website design company we are also a digital marketing agency which

means from beginning of creating to your website until the finishing touches everything is SEO optimized

so you can be sure that you will rank better on Google’s SERP.

  • Optimized Copy

  • Optimized Photos Videos

  • Analytics and Google Search Console Setup

  • Optimized URL structures, meta descriptions, titles etc.

  • Fast loading web pages


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Acadia is a digital marketing agency based in Maine.