Film has captivated us since the great Thomas Edison first created the moving image. It has brought so

much emotion far more than that of a picture, music, or words by themselves. This is why it is so pivotal for

brands to use the video medium as a way to show their brand off to the world. If you aren’t convinced that

video works why do the Super Bowl ads cost so much or why do studios spend so much money on

advertising their movie with a commercial? It’s because video WORKS. There are no if, ands, or buts

about it. It just does and you should be putting it to work for you business.

“It’s because video WORKS. There are no if, ands, or buts about it. It just does and you should be putting it to work for your business. “

We handle your all your video needs from commercials to brand films we can do it all. We will help you

through pre-production, production, and post-production phases.

Pre-production: We help you find your voice and discover what your brand is trying to say. In the pre-

production phase this is where we create the blue print of your story. Acadia will be right there helping you

through every step of the way. In this phase we will create a custom brand film for our clients. This means

not only creating storyboards, moodboards, and story concepts but also doing the planning and necessary

procedures to move to the production phase. 

  • Scheduling & Logistics

  • Casting & Crew

  • Director’s Treatment

  • Story concepts & scripting

  • Gear/rentals

Production: Production is where the fun begins. This is where we take all the ingredients from the pre-

production phase and put them together to create the production phase. Our team is experienced

working with some of the biggest brands in the industry and we have the talent and expertise to make

your next project top-notch. This phase includes:

  • Filming on schedule day(s)

  • Suppling Camera gear

  • Suppling Lighting gear

  • Suppling Crew

  • Suppling Cast

  • Suppling Audio Gear

Post Production: Post is where all good things come together to create the finished product. We will

piece together your story to create an engaging, beautiful end product. Acadia can also deliver in a variety

of resolutions and can custom tailor your next project to fit your needs. This phase is where everything is

pieced together from the production phase. In the editing room everything starts to take shape and come

to life. This phase includes:

  • Importing/logging footage

  • Editing

  • Custom music score

  • Color correction

  • Compression & Delivery

When a story is well told, people listen. We feel to really connect with your audience they need to hear the

passion behind your brand. By telling a powerful engaging story through film you build trust between

audience and brand. This is what we provide our clients and this is at the core of what we do. Every brand

has a story. What's yours? 


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