“For this project Concord Coffee was in need of professional

photography for their instagram feed. We wanted to create

content that reflected their brand. They were fresh, modern,

minimalistic and we wanted the end product to reflect that.”


“We had such a great time really engaging with the client finding out

what would serve them best in the digital marketing realm. We ended

up deciding together that they really needed content created for their

social media accounts. We feel as though we captured the essence of

who Concord Coffee is and it was such a joy to photograh something

we are very passionate about here at Acadia and that is coffee. We

went with “white light” for this shoot and it paid off well. It gave

the photos a minimalist feel and kept the mood upbeat.

The powerful aspect of social media can be easily overlooked by a

lot of people but if you have a business and don’t have social media

you need to capitalize on this oppurtunity. Not only does this help

benefit your brand and help get you out obscurity, it can indirectly

benefit you in your SEO and AdWords efforts as well. In turn our

clients saw boost in engagement and also created a better

brand experience for their customers.”


Acadia is a digital marketing agency based in Maine.